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Monthly Jokes from Issue #018-- March 2011
March 01, 2011

Hello Everyone!

April fools coming one month earlier this year - some them need some planning and preparation.

Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper advertising a GIGANTIC Garage Sale listing the address of your victim.

Advertise televisions, cam-corder, vintage automobile, antiques, etc.

Sale begins at 6:00 a.m. all items in the backyard, just come around back and come early!

When you visit your friends house, put a squirt of washing up liquid in their dishwasher.

Next time they run it suds will come oozing out the door.

Wait 'till someone is drinking a can of fizzy soda and when their not looking drop in some sugar or a sugar sweet.

The soda will fizz up and start pouring uncontrolably out of the can.

Enter subscriptions in his name to the most filthy magazines you can find, and change his address by one so his NEIGHBOUR receives them.

Place a dollar bill on the floor and as people walk by and try to pick the dollar up, you stand nearby and tear a small piece of cloth.

It will sound as if the victim of the prank actually split their pants and most of the time they will check their rear and leave in embarrasement.

Leave someone an urgent message to return a phone call from a Mr. Lord.

Put the phone number from Dial-A-Prayer on this message.

Most city phone directories have Dial-A-Prayer numbers listed.

This also works for Mr. Tim O'Day (time of day) or Mr. Weathers (weather number).

Change their desktop background photo to something funny..

First you go to the front of the line and then walk the entire length, looking over everyone as if you were trying to find a friend. When you get to the back you walk back to the front doing the same thing, but this time even slower.

Then when you reach the front you turn and quickly run to the back again, machine-gunning everybody as you go.

Then you go up to the ticket office and say "Get it?" This is a classic joke and as you can see it is also quite practical, since it gets you to the front of the line very fast.

Remove the dining room table.

Hide it somewhere.

Then take the table cloth and whatever else was on top and put it back just the way it was, only this time its all on the floor.

Use your 3 way calling to do this prank.

All you do is simply call your first victim and as soon as he answers quickly speed dial the other victim.

Then try to be quiet on your end as they both tell each other hello and wonder who called who.

Call a company that allows you to order products over the phone.

Then tell them, "Yes, i would like to order a...Grandma! Be Carefull!!"

...sorry about that... then go on ordering the item but every so often say,

"Grandma put that shotgun down!" then say

"Don't get too close to those steps with that gun grandma!"

continue with your order then make a loud BANG!!! noise and say

OMG!!! then hangup on them.

Call someone at the office while they are away and leave a message saying

Mr. Lyon called and would appreciate a call back.

Then leave the phone number for the local zoo on the answering machine for this person to call.

Pick up someone's car keys and go and park their car at a different spot, then put the keys back.

Go to work a little earlier in the morning.

Set you office clocks one hour early and when people arrive, tell them they are late.

Change their Internet home page to something funny.. like and Adult site.

Go into their "Word" program and change the "Auto-Correct" settings to some funny words, so that when they type the company name, it automatically changes the name to a competitor's name.

Add extra letters or reverse the spelling on many commonly used words.

And finally, make some of the most used words to change to "April Fool"!

Good luck!

See ya next month :-)


1. February 2011

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