A blonde brunette and redhead

A blonde brunette and redhead

by alex
(calgary alberta canada)

Three women are condemned to death by firing squad for their crimes.

One of them is brunette, other is red head and third one is blonde.

The guards take the redhead to the firing chamber, and just as they are about to open fire, she screams – Earthquake!

The shooters get startled and run for cover and the redhead escapes in the confusion.

The brunette is then brought to the firing chamber, and just as the commander says Ready…, Aim…, she screams – Tornado!

Everyone looks up to check if there is a tornado coming, but they don’t see any tornado, and no brunette either, as she had escaped in confusion.

Next is the blonde, she is brought to the execution chamber, the commander shouts Ready… Aim…, the blonde shouts, FIRE!

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