An Examination for a rural woman (An actual joke)

An Examination for a rural woman (An actual joke)

by Nejat Dem

A rural woman is brung the hospital....A mid age lady...
For the pains on her back....The proffesor called his assistants and ordered to make the necessary investigations on the body...And went out...The young assistants examined the woman again and again and again..The old woman disturbed much but said nothing.....They have taken MR...ultrasound graphics...blood analysis and etc...and etc....
The profeessor came back the next morning and gathered the young doctors around the patients bed...Asked:
-Yes sir
-Let me see
-Blood analysis?
-Yes sir, here...
-Let me see
-Sure sir..
-Any scan (by the way: In Turkish the "any scan means "is there anyone who f***** her")

At this point the woman replied:
-Mr Professor this the only thing they didn't do to me....

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