Binky Winky Tiddle Widdles

Binky Winky Tiddle Widdles

by colb

"yo yo yo, wit the ho ho ho's" exclaimed santa as he sat on an elf.
"ow!! geez!, That really hurt!!!"
"get over if your fat oaf!!! why don't you go back where you came from and eat crap? we do need your so called "talent" here you dead animal! i'm sure your mother misses you though....just kidding you worthless witless troll!! suck on a car seat you criminal in the art of stupidity!"
the elf, whose name was Binky-Winky-Tiddle-Widdles, retorted saying "oh yeah?? oh YEAH??? well at least i don't eat cookies you overweight, imbicilical, underling!! your MOM!!"
"you don't mean don't MEAN THAT!!!!!!" yelled santa. santa lauched forward and grabbed the small mythical ceature and tossed his worthless body out the window. his last words were "ghaghgaaaaaaaaaaghgaaagh!!!!!!.....umpfh!.... igh."
santa giggled.

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