Funny Difficult Mother in Law Jokes

There aren't too many TV shows that dare to tackle the topic of The Mother in Law.

So, here are a few suggestions for new story lines for some of the current hit TV shows:

Oprah: Dr. Phil discusses the phenomenon of "Reverse Claustrophobia"

- the uncontrollable desire to lock yourself in a room or closet when your mother in law visits.

A man was on trial for bigamy, and after the judge passed sentence he asked the defendant if he'd learned what made having more than one wife a bad thing.

"Yes, your honor, I have," he replied.

"What is the reason?" the judge asked.

"Having two wives means having two mothers in law, and that, in itself, should be grounds enough to support assisted suicide."

-- Difficult Mother in Law Jokes --

You know, I don't know what I'd do without my mother in law - but it's nice dreaming about it.

I mean, she's not ugly - it's just that when she puts the makeup on, the lipstick crawls back down the tube.

She has found a new cheap way of making yoghurt and sour cream

- she just buys a bottle of milk and stares at it for a couple of minutes.

-- Difficult Mother in Law Jokes --

At a senior citizen's meeting, a couple were celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

The husband stood up and was telling story of his dating habits when he was young.

It seemed that every time he brought home a girl to meet his mother, his mother didn't like her.

So, finally, he started searching until he found a girl who not only looked like his mother and acted like his mother, she even sounded like his mother.

So he brought her home one night to have dinner, and his father didn't like her.

-- Difficult MIL Jokes --

A man met a wonderful woman and became engaged to her.

He called his mother to share his good news with her.

He arranged to have dinner with his mother that evening so that she could meet his fiancee.

When he arrived at her home, he had brought along three women

- a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

His mother inquired as to why he had brought THREE women, instead of just one.

He replied that he wanted to see if his mother would be able to guess which one of the women was her future daughter in law.

She looked at each one carefully and then replied: "It's the redhead."

"How could you possibly have figured that out so quickly?" he inquired.

She calmly replied, "Because I don't like her."

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