doing laundries

doing laundries

by ken

A man just got of work and he wanted to have sex really bad.. he came home and his wife wasn't there, just the daughter who was ge the who was at the house. so the father asked " where's your mom?" "she's doing laundaries at Lisa's place."

Lisa was a friend of the man's wife. he just rememebered that it was a laundry day, and because he hadn't had time to fix the laundry machine, his wife had been going there for almost a month to do laundries.

the man could not wait any longer because he wanted to have sex real bad. so he bid her daughter to go and get her mother and tell her that she had forrgotten some clothes that needed to be washed. the girl then went and came back.. the father ask, "so is your mother coming to get the left overs?" "nO!"

Mom said she has everything!" he was so pissed, he told her daughter again to go and tell her mother to come and get his clothes which was taken off when he got home from work..

so the daughter went, came back and said, "Mom said she has everthing!" the man was soo pissed he beat the crab out of her daughter and said, "tell mom, I said for her to come or else!".

soon as the daughter left, he opened his pants and masturbated,, right after he climaxed, the daughter opened the door and told her father that, "mom said she wasn't coming,, and she said that if you hit me again, your not gonna get it tonight!"..

then, the man pulled up his flyers and said, "tell mom to go fuck herself, i've finished doing my own laundries."

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