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Some people have been clever enough to create websites with funny domain names that have multiple meaning. What's good about that? Well, they end up on humorous sites just like this one and gain a lot of free traffic. I think they deserve it too :-) - need to access the rapist, anyone? - Adam sex tract? - the question immediately rises, what alters crap?  - American sexchange is my guess? - anal emma?? - must be that auction shit again. - did you know that beatle shits? Well, there is a whole website about it. - do we need to comment this.... just would have saved the confusion. - there are some bi gals online?! - i know children sometimes do swear but does the subject need a website? - who chooses pain? That wouldn't be me! - there is a dale shit chin station!

-- Funny Domain Names -- - this one doesn't need a comment either... - now who are the diesel shit men? - i didn't know bucks practice sex change!? - i hope they meant experts exchange. - need pants with a fart filter? - game sex tract?? - gored for women? - gored foxes?? - gota hoe or go Tahoe? - even the graphic art changes sex nowadays?!!  - if Ed should be infected or not, that is the question. - want to find out more about the new keyword sex tractor? - fair enough. for once you don't misread it. It was meant to be Mammoth Erection. - there is a Mole Station Native Nursery in Australia! - MP3 is giving someone shits. - on that site you can check where new snow is falling currently. - sounds like Northern Gash Eating - is that New York Canal or New York City Anal?

-- Funny Domain Names -- - well, nothing surprises me anymore. There can always be the odd sex tractor. - in case you intend to establish a business on Cook Islands, be aware of the extension of their domain names. - part sex press?? .. ok. - I tell you what, it says Pen Island. - Mightier than penis? - fart in the pot? Is that the new etiquette? - poop issues? - speedo fart? - Tex ass ports?? - someone still needs to find the rapist? - need a viagra fix? - we bone.. ok. did we need a website about that?

and last but not least.. - What the F***??!!!  Nice abbrevation, but it's the World Taekwondo Federation!

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