Funny Food Names

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Aass Fatol (Beer) Norway

Baldanis (Liquor) France

Belchers Square Sausage (Sausage) Scotland

Big Nuts (Candy) Belgium

Bimbo Sandwich (Bread) Portugal

Black Bush (Liquor) Ireland

Bog (Canned Pork) Denmark

Bona (Baby Food) Finland

Bonka (Coffee) Spain

Botterramm (Margarine) Greece

Bra (Yogurt) Sweden

BumBum (Ice Cream) Germany

Bumlingar (Licorice) Sweden

Cemen (Sauce) Turkey

Chili Willy (Hot Sauce) United States

Cockburns (Liquor) England

Cock on the Mountain Top (Fruit in Syrup) Thailand

Cock Rice Sticks (Noodles) Greece

Cock Soup (Soup) Jamaica

Cok' Bacon (Corn Snacks) France

Coming Lemon (Candy) Japan

Crap's (Chocolate) France

Creamy Ball (Candy) Japan

Cream Colon (Cookie) Japan

Dickmilch (Milk Drink) Germany

Doobys (Cereal) Chile

Dry Sack (Liquor) Spain

Erektus (Energy Drink) Czech Republic

Fat (Beer) Sweden

Fart (Candy Bar) Poland

Finger Marie (Cookie) Sweden

Finest Paris Brest (Pastry) United Kingdom

Gaiety (Cookies) Australia

Grany Maniac (Candy) France

Horlicks (Hot Drink) England

Jerk Sauce (Sauce) Jamaica

JussiPussi (Dinner Rolls) Finland

Kockens Anis (Anis-seed) Sweden

Krapai (Pickled Dill) Turkey

Mental (Mints) France

Pee Cola (Soft Drink) Ghana

Piddle in the Hole (Beer) England

Plopp (Candy Bar) Czech Republic

Prick (Potato Chips) Brazil

Spotted Dick (Sponge Cake) England

Wimpy Chicken Bender (Chicken) England

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