Harmless Practical Jokes

Here's a harmless little prank that's always good for a laugh.

Leave someone an urgent message to return a phone call from a Mr. Lord.

Put the phone number from Dial-A-Prayer on this message.

Most city phone directories have Dial-A-Prayer numbers listed.

This also works for Mr. Tim O'Day (time of day) or Mr. Weathers (weather number).

Place a dollar bill on the floor and as people walk by and try to pick the dollar up, you stand nearby and tear a small piece of cloth.

It will sound as if the victim of the prank actually split their pants and most of the time they will check their rear and leave in embarrasement.

Pick a rainy day and put some confetti inside your victims umbrella.

When he or she goes to open it up...POOF! out comes the confetti.

Put a bunch of ping pong balls or packing peanuts in an open box.

Tilt it at an angle against the cupboard door (from the inside) so when the victim goes to open the cupboard the ping pong balls will all spill out.

-- Harmless Practical Jokes --

 Remove the dining room table.

Hide it somewhere.

Then take the table cloth and whatever else was on top and put it back just the way it was, only this time its all on the floor.

Walk past a buddy with a large jug that is non transparent and act as if its filled with liquid, even though you only fill it with a couple ounces.

Then ask him to carry it somewhere for you. He will be expecting a heavy load.

After the mail has already been delivered, fill the mail box with ping pong balls or packing nuts.

Then ask someone else to go get the mail.

Use a small piece of black tape to block the tv sensor so whoever decides to watch TV next cannot change the channel or adjust the volume.

-- Harmless Practical Jokes --

Buy some fresh mushrooms at the store.

Paint them red.

Then go and plant them in your friend or neighbors yard.

They will think poisonous mushrooms are going in their yard.

Fill some disposable cups about halfway with confetti (or paper, or whatever.)

Turn off the ceiling fan.

Gently lay the cups (on their sides) on top of each of the fan blades.

Tape or rubber-band them in place.

Wait for someone to turn the fan on!

Un-tuck the bed sheet at the foot of the bed.

Pull it up about a third of the way towards the head of the bed and tuck it back in.

When the mark slides into bed he won't be able to stretch his legs out, sort of like he jumped into a baby's bed.

Torture the sports fan by replacing pages in the newspaper with pages from last week.

Do the same for fans of the comics or Dear Abby.

Simply get a new bar of soap and paint it with clear nail varnish.

Let it dry and place it out to be used.

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