How to kill three blondes with out touching them

How to kill three blondes with out touching them

by Emma
(Sylmar california )

One day a blonde went swimming and saw a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of the pool so she dove down and did what it said scratch and sniff

That second she drowned her twin sister came to pick her up

She stared at the water as she walked around and saw her reflection in a mirror that some one dropped there

She dove in so she could save her slelf but minutes later she died like her sister

The sad part is that it was her sisters mirror

The next day there mom found out so she paid some one to kill her but the person she paid didn't wanna go to jail so they gave the mom a knife and asked whos special so then the mom stabbed herself and said I am I am then hours.

Later their dad found out and married any single person that wasn't blonde

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