Obama and Reagan

Obama and Reagan

by Ted L. Abbott

Barack Hussein Obama was on a deserted Island. As he walked and thought about Islam and Socialism he suddenly tripped over a magic lamp so he rubbed the lamp a Gene appeared.

"You may have 3 wishes Barack Hussein Obama" the Gene said. "Wow" replied Obama "I could have the two things I have always dreamed of.

I dream of a world of pure Socialistic Utopia and Social Justice. "Be careful how you phrase your wish" replied the Gene. "Once the three wishes are gone they are gone forever."

"Yes I see" Obama replied "I have never been any good with numbers, Damn, " have been telling everyone I am a genius for so long I started believing it myself. How do I solve this? I know, I wish that I was smart as I have been telling everyone I was all this time." The Gene replied "then Barack Hussein Obama I grant you the wish of being ten times smarter than you are now!" POOF!!!

Suddenly Obama was 10 times smarter than he was before. "WOW" he exclaimed "my mind has never been so energized so focused." He began thinking of his problems and how to “Fundamentally Transform America” and felt so empowered.

"I have decided what my second wish is", Obama told the Gene. "I have decided that I love this new level of intelligence you have given me so I must have more. For my second wish I wish I was one thousand times smarter than I was when we first met." "OK Obama "the Gene said, POOF!!!

Suddenly Obama was one thousand times smarter than when he first rubbed the lamp. "WOW" said Obama; "all those years of affirmative action grades at Harvard and now I really have the capacity to overwhelm Harvard. With my new found intellect I realize if I only had one thing I could achieve anything in the world I want on my own."

"Then what is your third, final and irrevocable wish the Gene asked?" "I want to be a million times smarter than I was!" The Gene said. "Obama if I make you a million times smarter than when we first met you will not like the result!"

"YES" shouted Obama! "I am allowed three wishes and you must give them ." POOF!!! Obama was turned into Ronald Reagan.

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Dec 10, 2013
Hahhaaa :-)
by: Anonymous

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