Spanish Pepito Jokes

A schoolteacher in Havana asked her class:

"If the sea between Cuba and Miami were to dry up, how long would it take to walk across?"

When she got no response, she asked Pepito to give an answer...

After a moment of thought, he said, "Forty days."

The teacher was naturally surprised.

"Pepito," she said, "the distance from Havana to Miami is only about ninety miles.

Maybe I didn't make the question clear.

Pretend that it's all smooth and level ground.

NOW how long would it take?"

Pepito insisted however on his answer of forty days.

"But why?" asked the teacher.

"Well, because you would constantly have to say,

"`Excuse me,' `Pardon me please,' `Excuse me, sir,' `Pardon me Miss,' `Excuse me...'"

Spanish Pepito Jokes

Cuidado con lo que dicen los ninos!!!!!

Un día la mamá de Pepito lo manda a traer huevos, iba Pepito a comprar, pero en su camino se topó con un circo y se detuvo a mirar un momento, no podia creer lo que veia...UN GORILA GIGANTE!!!!

Cuando llegó a su casa le contó a sus padres que había ido al circo , que habia quedado impactado con un gorila que vio.

que el gorila tenía uno brazotes que podia matar a cualquiera, unas patotas inmensas, también unas manotas...

Entonces, la mamá lo interrumpe y le pregunta:

¿Y los huevos Pepito? Ah? Y los huevos?

¡Grandototes, mami, grandotototes!

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