poody poo wit' the hoody hoo

poody poo wit' the hoody hoo

by Colb

"Hey snoop....duz you got t'e booozze?? i be t'inkin i wantz some mo'..." inquired Grody.

"ya wit' th' chillin' ice-maka in th' back o' da boat G-Playa" anwsered Snoop.

"Thankie bro....hey... your mamma..she hot....spicy-hot...." said Grody with the booze bottle to his lips.

"yeah...." said Snoop.

Then all of the sudden snoops mom came out from the middle of the water and said "frilly dilly willy wit' the cheese sauce in the po-po! i AM pretty spicy aren't I?"

Snoop looked down at grody, who had passed out on the floor with the booke bottle in his right hand. he then exclaimed "we should take his stuff outta his pockets, and put it in our pockets. then it would be ours and not his... U scoopin' what i'm poopin?"

"yeah son, i'm pickin up what ur puttin down" said Mrs. snoop with childish grin.

They then proceeded to strip Grody of all his possesions, and then tossed his limp, worthless, stupid, ugly body overboard. then they sold it all for booze.

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May 19, 2011
by: Kevin Lakes

BAHAHAHA!!! booze...

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