Prank Phone Call Jokes

Call someone at the office while they are away and leave a message saying

Mr. Lyon called and would appreciate a call back.

Then leave the phone number for the local zoo on the answering machine for this person to call.

Gather up a group of friends for this one.

One after another you and your friends call the victim and ask him if Ronald is there (or some other creative name).

Everytime he says,

"No you have the wrong number" another friend calls back asking for the same name.

After the victim gets really annoyed, you then call him and tell him that you are Ronald and ask him if anyone has been calling for you.

Call your victim and disguise your voice as a radio DJ and ask him this simple question:

"If you can name 31 Baskin Robin Ice Cream flavors in 31 seconds, then you will win $31,000...ready?

Go..then wait a few seconds and say "oh! so sorry you are out of time" then hang up!

-- Prank Phone Call Jokes --

Next time you answer your phone, this is what you should say:

"hello, this is (Your Fake Name Here) from the city morgue, you stab them we slab them, how may I help you?"

Call a company that allows you to order products over the phone.

Then tell them, "Yes, i would like to order a...Grandma! Be Carefull!!"

...sorry about that... then go on ordering the item but every so often say,

"Grandma put that shotgun down!" then say

"Don't get too close to those steps with that gun grandma!"

continue with your order then make a loud BANG!!! noise and say

OMG!!! then hangup on them.

Call in pledges to your local public TV station in the victim's name.

Be generous. Other charities work as well.

-- Prank Phone Call Jokes --

Call your friend and let him know that the city is going to be shutting of the water for the next couple of days and have advised to fill sinks, tubs, buckets, etc with water before they shutoff water system in the next few hours.

It also helps to have other close friends give the victim a call explaining the same story.

Use your 3 way calling to do this prank.

All you do is simply call your first victim and as soon as he answers quickly speed dial the other victim.

Then try to be quiet on your end as they both tell each other hello and wonder who called who.

Switch on the intercom as tell the victim that the "person on the other end wants to talk to you".

You'll hear them going "Hello? Hellooo?"...

-- Prank Phone Call Jokes --

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