Revenge Practical Jokes

So they got you? Bastards. Give them back! here's how..

Buy a silent dog whistle.

In the early hours of the morning (2am-4am) go near the victim's house and blow the silent whistle and the dog will begin to bark uncontrollably until the owner awakes and disciplines the animal.

When the owner goes back to bed repeat the process again.

-- Revenge Practical Jokes --

When you visit your friends house, put a squirt of washing up liquid in their dishwasher.

Next time they run it suds will come oozing out the door.

Place a coin on the ground and wait for someone to bend down to pick it up.

As they do, tear a piece of fabric and the'll think they just burst their pants.

Tie a thin, almost invisable piece of thread to a coin and place it on the ground.

Wait for someone to bend down towards it and pull it away at the last second.

Wait 'till someone is drinking a can of fizzy soda and when their not looking drop in some sugar or a sugar sweet.

The soda will fizz up and start pouring uncontrolably out of the can.

Fill a large brown envelope about 70% with shaving foam.

Close over the flap but don't seal it.

Place it part way, flap first under a friends door and call them to get it.

When you hear them walking towards it, jump on the back end of the envelope and shaving foam will spray everywhere.

-- Revenge Practical Jokes --

Write whatever you wish on 9 pages of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and tape them together (end to end).

Dial the victim's fax number and start sending the pages through.

After page two has been transmitted,

tape the top of page 1 to the bottom of page 9 making a continuous loop.

The document will continue to cycle until the victim's fax machine has run out of paper.

Be sure and disable your phone number from being printed on the fax and also disable caller I.D.

This prank is great to get even with a business or individual who has somehow cheated you.

This can have same results as Oil Spot.

-- Revenge Practical Jokes --

Place cling film (plastic wrap) accross the toilet bowl and lower the seat.

Add a thin layer of Vaseline to the toilet seat.

Your victim won't know what it is.

Wait until you're sure the toilet will remain unused for at least 24 hours.

Get 2 - 3 packets of powdered jello and mix it into the toilet water until dissolved.

Let it set.

(The more jello you use the harder it will set)

Very similar to the Oil Spot, but with a twist. Let most of the air out of one of your victim's tires.

Keep doing this each night, and watch as they call a tow truck or the Automobile Club day after day.

Odd how those new tires keep losing air, too.

-- Revenge Practical Jokes --

At night pour used oil underneath the victim's car while parked in the driveway.

Pour enough that will be alarming.

Continue to do this each night.

The subject will spend great deals of money trying to get the oil leak repaired time and time again.

I have even heard of a person buying a new car after the repeated attempts at repair.

Imagine their surprise when that new car starts leaking too.

Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper advertising a GIGANTIC Garage Sale listing the address of your victim.

Advertise televisions, cam-corder, vintage automobile, antiques, etc.

Sale begins at 6:00 a.m. all items in the backyard, just come around back and come early!

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