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Transform a Wealthy Yuppie Executive into a Redneck in 40 Easy Steps, Part Two 
19) Practice poor posture and sluggish walk. Let your jaw go slack, bubba! Have operation to flatten your feet. After the operation those dapper shoes …

P is for...Robert Dangoor 
P is for Politicians P is for Press P is for Police That reminds me, I forgot to flush the toilet!

Florida Not rated yet
You know you're a true Floridian when it's late November and you're sweating when you walk outside.

Talk, Talk, Talk Not rated yet
Three men were talking about how much their wives talked. One fellow said his wife never says a word when he asks her a question. She just nodes …

You Rat Not rated yet
If you win in this rat race, you'll still be a rat.

Cannibal one liner Not rated yet
Why don't cannibals eat divorced women? They're too bitter.

Funny Blonde Joke Not rated yet
There was a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. They got in trouble by the police. They found a barn, and ran into it. When the police ran in,the …

another state honoring a president Not rated yet
We have the state of Washington - the same name as our first president. A senator in another state is submitting a name change to honor our President …

tired of being a fan! Not rated yet
There was once an italian man who loved realmadrid football team. one day he went to watch realmadrid vs bercelona. All of the realmadrid fans were …

6789 Not rated yet
why was 6 afraid of 7? because 789

barack obamas proposel Not rated yet
what did barack obama say when he proposed to the first lady? I don't want to be obama self

Santa squirrel Not rated yet
Did you hear about the squirrel who wanted to play Santa claus, but he didn't know whether to be nutty or nice?

A beggar call to Pizza Hut!!  Not rated yet
Once a beggar find some money and call to pizza hut and says to the delivery man that bring some hot dogs, 2 large pizzas, and some spices things …

A.J. Lovett Not rated yet
Let me tell you bout ole Albert James Lovett A. J. fer short. Baddest man I ever knowed, from Lumberton S.C.!?!? Ole A.J. would carry a 38 pistol …

"Brick Em" Not rated yet
I was sitting & the lounge 1 night talking to my billionare buddy. He said he was going to kill himself!? I said why, with 35 cars 5 houses 2 airplanes …

Teacher asks a student, - what is the opposite of Mini-mum? Student replies, - mini-dad.

Pee Not rated yet
Why do people need to pee? Answer: because our gall bladder gets full.

Cripple Jokes Not rated yet
I hate cripple jokes. I just can't stand them.

The american joke classification system joke Not rated yet
What do you call an American with a job? A Chinaman.

Stubborn Not rated yet
You can always tell a Dane but you can't tell them much !

HEY STEVE! Not rated yet

buy me a... Not rated yet
Pepito was with his mom when she said, Pepito can you go buy me a lil bit of sugar? Yes momma! Then he started singin me me just a lil bit of sugar! …

Transform a Wealthy Yuppie Executive into a Redneck in 40 Easy Steps, Part One Not rated yet
You, sir – yes you! – In that fancy Italian suit and the shiny leather shoes, driving that Porsche! Yes, sir – we are talking to YOU! Have you always …

The cowboy Not rated yet
A cowboy rides in town on Friday stays 3 days there and leaves on Friday. How did he do it? His horse is named Friday

joke book Not rated yet
my grandfather was a famous politician what did he run far the border …

best joke Not rated yet
Do you breathe fire no not since i stopped smoking

feet in the stirrups Not rated yet
Two men walking in the woods heard the shouts for help ! running over they found a man up to his waist in boggy marshland ! could you pull me out he said. …

Funny Domain name Not rated yet

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