The four aliens

The four aliens

by Kanakan

One day, there were four alien went to earth. They can speak one phrase of english. The first alien went to school and learn to speak "me me me". The second alien went to restaurant and learn to speak "with knife and fork". The third alien went to store and learn to speak "because he stole my lollipop" and finally, the fourth alien went to a baseball court and learn to speak "yeah yeah yeah". One morning, there was a dead man. The police saw the alien and pull them. The police ask them, "who kill this man?", the first alien said, "me me me", the police ask, "how did you kill him?", the second alien asnwer "with knife and fork, with knife and work", the police ask again, "why did you kill him?", the third alien said, "because he stole my lollipop", the police said, "you will go to jail.", the fourth alien said, "yeah, yeah, yeah".

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