The surfer dude with long luscious locks

The surfer dude with long luscious locks

by colb

A surfer dude (blonde) with long luscious locks named "Aldean" was wandering the streets of rome. he looked up in the sky and pointed exclaiming "land ho!" a lady behind him said "he brotha, i'm already on the ground, i don't need to land anything!" he said yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i know, but you might as well...........EAT DIIIIRRRTTTT!!!!" Aldean yelled as he ran away. the lady muttered to herself "that moron didn't even throw any dirt at me, it must be my looks" then a man named klippersquad tapped her shoulder and said "excuse me miss, but it was your looks then pluto is a planet, if you know what i mean....cuz it's not one" the offended lady punched klippersquad in the shoulder, jumped on his back and kicked his teeth out while simultaneously tying his shoes together while simultaneously making him hit himself while simultaneously yelling "why ya hittin' yourself? huh? huh?" while simultaneouslyshaving his head. after two hours of enduring this pain, the lady left, and as klippersquad lay on the ground, ready to wheeze out his last words, Aldean came and said "DUDE!! GROOVY!" and klippersquads last words were "dude, put a shirt on" he died, and Aldean went surfing.

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