Valentines Day Jokes Poems

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Be my Valentine, for I

Each day have thought of you.

My whole life couldn't manage what

Your ready smile can do,

Vanquishing my loneliness

As though all light were new.

Let me be your Valentine

Even as you're mine,

Needing what I have to give

That each might each define

In friendship and in harmony,

Now you, now I the melody,

Each helping each to shine.

Be my Valentine, my love,

As I will be for you,

And we will love the whole day long,

And love our whole lives through.

For love has no parameters

And does not end with time,

But is the gift of paradise,

A pinch of the sublime.

So let us take this holiday

To resubmit our love

To those within that know no sin

And with the angels move.

-- Valentines Day Jokes Poems --

Be my Valentine: What does that mean?

Each of us must walk through life alone,

More deeply desolate than we have known,

Yearning for a truth we've never seen.

Valentines are from beyond that dream,

Are like a sunrise on a world of stone.

Little on this journey can we own

Except as miracles might intervene.

No way but through loving might we give

The freedom of our being to another.

In such a sacrifice we hope to live

No longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone,

Even as we bind our lives together.

Valentines are people who

Are willing to be flowers,

Letting us enjoy their beauty

Even if for hours.

No Valentine hides from the sun,

Though sometimes lost in light.

If you love them, they just open,

Not unhappy to be woken

Even in the night.

-- Valentines Day Jokes Poems --

Valentine's a day to say, "I love you,"

A ritual that stages something real

Letting out the truth of what I feel

Even as I think it often of you.

Nor could I with such grace without this day

Tell you that I'm grateful that I have you,

Impress upon you just how much I need you,

Needing such a frame for what I say

Even as I would my heart reveal.

Copyright Nicholas Gordon

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