Yo Family Jokes

Yo family so poor you go to KFC you have to lick other peoples fingers!

Yo family so poor that when i saw a cigarett butt on the ground i stepped on it..

they said.. "Who turned off the heat?"

Yo family so fat I took a picture last Christmas and its still printing.

Yo family is so poor that when I went inside your house

I accidentally stepped on a roach and your whole family came out singing,

"Clap your hands, stomp your feet, thank the Lord that we got meat!"

Yo family so fat it can't fit in this joke.

Yo Mama is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone.

Yo Daddy is so stupid when you say the drinks are on the

house he gets a ladder to go and get them.

Yo sister so monstrous she uses Soccer balls for earrings

Yo brother so fat that when he went for a swim in the ocean he caused a 60 foot tidal wave.

Yo Grandma so old she remembers when the Grand Canyon was a ditch.

Yo Grandpa's so dumb, he died because he couldn't find the number 11

button when he tried to dial 911.

Yo Uncle's house so damned cold, the Roaches ice skate around the kitchen.

Yo Auntie so flat chested she's jealous of the wall.

Yo cousin so huge he stole my pillow cases when he ran out of socks.

Yo niece so ugly when she applied for the ugly contest they told her

'NO Professionals'.

Yo nephew so fat when he wears an 'X' jacket helicopters try to land on her.

Yo Cousin so fat she deep fries her toothpaste.

Yo Cat so fat it eats giant marsupial mice.

Yo Dog so small its best friend is an ant.

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yo mama so dumb she got hit by a parked car

Dirty Not rated yet
Yo mama so dirty when she got in the pool it turned black

Yo Dog Not rated yet
Yo dog so skinny, When you walk him he falls through the cracks

people hands Not rated yet
yo hands so dry when you go to the nail salon the'll tell you to rince yo hands with fish grease.

1stpimpincharge Not rated yet
Yo daddy so bald you can see what's on his mind

yo family joke Not rated yet
yo family is so dumb the count abc's instead of letters

yo daddy Not rated yet
yo daddy so broke he asked a bum for some money

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